Roadfour company

The company is based on the continuing education and experience of its founders that are including at once Engineering and Architecture sectors. Within urban infrastructure, Architecture and Engineering are closely linked in the same core business. Engineering is providing the needed performance and resistance according to various parameters. Architecture is organizing each project as a whole in order to reach its effective implementation.

The founders being active in R&D since 2000, and Roadfour being incorporated in 2007, the company has started its activities with the electromobility development through the infrastructural approach. The team then has extended its activities to various engineering projects which are expected to deliver significant added value to the client. Whatever the scale of each project, whatever the application field related to infrastructure, Roadfour always pays attention to professional programming. Our creativity is at your service.


A natural vision of sustainability

Architecture is the art of design building.

This ancient art transformed itself in our modern world into the wider discipline of project. Architecture is a kind of mother of all engineering specialities. Tasks of programming, conceptualisation, structuration of ideas and design principles are learned from this global discipline. Any project is reliable whether its architecture is strong.

Discover with Roadfour this discipline through the right project for your company.


More efficiency, more productivity, more value

Engineering is the art of finding and developing technical solutions from the knowledge of science or merely empiricism. However the technical horizon being wider everyday, distant specialities don’t talk each other necessarily. Probably many business opportunities are lying in transversal approaches the engineer used to ignore.

The engineer’s feeling remains decisive in the innovation process. Your company can benefit from our experience in industrial design, CAD, CAE, innovation method and program, IP support.


Designed for a better world

The infrastructures of the XIX will face energy issues as a prominent conception factor. The building cost of any infrastructure is largely depending on the energy needed through the global chain: rough materials, building process,… Of course energy is a major cost alongside the entire building life. Beside the cost, the operational aspects and the daily life of the customer or user are concerned.

Finally energy is also involved in the end of function of each building. The well designed building and the flexible infrastructure will always offer more value for its owner.

Roadfour is used to manage all aspects of infrastructure and building design from a strong economical point of view.


Your key for profitability

From lifestyle challenges to large scale infrastructure, the Roadfour’s method towards innovation is always based on deep client needs analysis. We believe the right understanding of a given situation is a key factor for innovation. The project follows a program stage where technical and planning aspects are treated. For industrial clients, our intervention scope is covering the entire conception chain from the advanced project including eventual IP process to the construction follow up.

Roadfour is used to develop independently added value projects paying attention to upscale market opportunities. We are offering industrial players the opportunity to develop these projects or part of them through their core business. Roadfour is focussing it’s innovation activities on this upstream approach.